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Registration 3:00pm - 7:00pm in the Corridor

Sessions: 3:30 - 5:10


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Issues of Race, Space, and Education

Jay Lee,
Kent State University

Seth N. Asumah,
SUNY- Cortland

“Race and Diversity Leadership in Predominantly White Institutions: Rethinking Microaggressions”
José R. Diaz-Garayúa,
California State University, Stanislaus

“Diversity of Geography Departments in the U.S.”

Perry Carter,
Texas Tech University

“Re-embodying the Enslaved: Southern Louisiana’s Whitney Plantation Museum”

Jim Forrest,
Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

“Proficiency with English and Linguistic Shift: A 1st through 3rd Generations Analysis of English Language Acquisition and Minority Language Retention among Immigrants to Australia"

Charlie Haifeng Zhang,
University of Louisville

“Spatial Analysis of Racial Achievement Gap in Metropolitan Public Schools”


Urban and Economic Issues

Wei Song,
University of Louisville
Sean M. Crotty,
Texas Christian University

“The Red-Light Network: The Economic Geography of Erotic Massage Parlors in Houston, Texas”
Mark Blumler,
Binghamton University

“Ethnicity of the Forbes 400: An Update”
Arwa Altaher and
Selima Sultana
University of North Carolina- Greensboro

“Residential Location Patterns of Immigrants in the 21st Century: Evidence from the Atlanta MSA”

Adam J. Mathews,
Oklahoma State University  and Matthew T. Patton,
University of Nebraska-Omaha

“Content presented by American Microbreweries: A Reflection of Whiteness?”

David Wilson,
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

“Chicago’s New Gentrification Frontier: Blues Club Commodification and the Politics of Resistance”


African Issues

Ian E.A. Yeboah,
Miami University

Pratyusha Basu,
University of Texas- El Paso

“Ethnic Identity and Development in Kenya”

Sunday Layi Oladipupo,
Adekunle Ajasin University

“Gay-Marriage and African Culture: A Philosophical Balance”

Timothy Scarnecchia,
Kent State University

“Race and Class in Harare, Zimbabwe, 1980-2005”

Darius Scott,
University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill

“No Place Wholly Liberatory: Black Life along Back Ways



West #1

Support systems for female faculty and doctoral students in academia: Sharing experiences

Devona F. Pierre and
Fenda A. Akiwumi,
University of South Florida and
Nemata Blyden,
George Washington University

Devona F. Pierre,
University of South Florida
Fenda A Akiwumi,
University of South Florida
Nemata Blyden,
George Washington University
Jose Fernandez,
University of South Florida

East #2

From Protest to Policy Making:  A Socio-historical Analysis of Social Unrest from 1967- 1973

Richard Thomas,
Texas Christian University

Paul Fucile,
Texas Christian University
Christian Lueck,
Texas Christian University
Hue Woodson,
University of North Texas
Gerald Parks,
Independent Researcher
Richard Thomas,
Texas Christian University

Welcome Reception- 7:00 - 10:30
Event Sponsors: Dr. Peter and Mrs. Kathleen Bronsky

Welcome and Introductions
Conference Directors:
John W. Frazier, Distinguished Professor, Binghamton University and
David Kaplan, Kent State University

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